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Journey is the passport to outstanding performance.

Help your new young hires master the social and emotional skills they need to excel at work.

Inspire young hires to develop.

Journey is a development program that gives young hires an understanding of the value of emotional and social skills in the worksplace and how it impacts personal and business performance. Your young hires will work their way through intereactive exercises that develop their soft skills in an 8-week program supported by a mobile app.

Portable. Motivational. Measurable. Fun.

No-one said personal development couldn't be fun. Journey keeps your new hires engaged and committed while learning how they can make a more positive impact at your organization. Journey uses three reports so you and your managers can get an early read on your young hires and identify those with real potential.

Help your young talent develop a professional mindset

Your young hires have the latest hard skills of the classroom. But do they know what triggers their stress levels, when they are most productive or how to be a good team player?

These soft skills are hard-won, and difficult to teach. Journey helps your young hires develop five of the skills that drive outstanding performance: self-awareness, self-control, empathy, influence and teamwork.

Soft skills are the real differentiator

Each exercise in the app is work-related and based on our in-depth understanding of what drives outstanding performance and changes behavior.

Your users will learn:

  • Self-discipline and self-management
  • Empathy and communication
  • How to work well with others
  • How to respond effectively to feedback
  • Active listening
  • The ability to deal with stress
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For people as good in person as they are on paper.

The five key emotional and social skills

Just ask the experts. It's these five things that make
all the difference to workplace performance:

  • Self-awareness Being able to recognize and understand your own strengths, weaknesses and emotions and how they impact your performance.
  • Self-control Being able to manage yourself effectively, even under stressful situations.
  • Empathy Understanding others' feelings and perspectives and taking an active interest in others.
  • Influence Being able to have a positive impact on others; the ability to build support for one's ideas.
  • Teamwork Being able to work collaboratively with others towards a shared goal.

Journey recognized with international awards

We've received global recognition for the Journey program. Watch Hay Group's Rick Lash at this year's Stevie Awards talk about Journey and how excited we are to bring our 60 years of know-how to help our clients develop their young workforce.

HayGroup Award HayGroup Award

Silver Stevie award at the 2015 International Business Awards

Outstanding achievement from the Interactive Media Awards

The individual

Achieves a greater understanding of themselves, their colleagues and their workplace. Journey helps them to fit into the organization and team much more quickly. In an easy, intuitive and engaging way.

The team

The team will be able to work better together, with every team member working in an improved way towards a shared goal. Your teams will have a stronger rapport and a shared focus on performing in the best way possible.

The company

Your organization will harness the full potential of your graduate population, increasing their productivity and performance. Journey will make your graduate on-boarding program stand out amongst competitors and help create a positive employer brand.